To foster an environment that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research collaborations, the School has identified a number of areas where it can better leverage and integrate its strengths.

It promotes and sustains interdisciplinary activities and research collaborations with various units, such as the Division of Environment and Sustainability and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Ocean and Environmental Science, Data Analytics and Super-resolution (SR) Imaging also gather the joint efforts and expertise from our faculty from different fields. 

Ocean and Environmental Science

Our study of Ocean and Environmental Science combines expertise, knowledge and technology from different disciplinary areas. We emphasize on the understanding of the environment as an integrated system which encompasses factors involving air, land and water, as well as natural processes and human activities through the study of both physical and biological properties. 

Data Analytics

Through the joint efforts of our faculty from different fields, the School is endeavored to strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of data analytics. With multiple facets and approaches, data analytics haven been widely used in various science, social science and business domains and it has provided us with different opportunities for translating academic reach to real-world application by establishing close collaboration with the industry.

Super-resolution (SR) Imaging
SR imaging capability is crucial for HKUST’s competitiveness and its position at the forefront of biophysical and biomedical research. The building of this capability will allow the formation of a platform for collaborations among Life Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering researchers. To this end, the School of Science and the Institute for Advanced Study have initiated this interdisciplinary project to develop and advance this cutting-edge SR technology (“STORM” - Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) at HKUST.