Our research on materials chemistry covers the study of inorganic and hybrid materials, nanomaterials, polymeric AIE and organic electronic materials.

Materials chemistry studies the chemical nature of materials. It is an inter-disciplinary and rapidly evolving field that provides the intellectual foundation to understand and develop new forms of matter with cutting-edge technology which brings a wide range of scientific and societal impacts. Our spearheading research on aggregation-induced emission (AIE) has attracted world-wide study and discussions of this phenomenon and the generation of AIE luminogens (AIEgens) are widely applied in areas like bio-imaging, food safety, forensic science etc.

Major Research Project
Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE): Development of New AIE Systems and Exploration of Their Biomedical Applications
唐本忠 | 化學系

This on-going CRF project commenced in April 2018 and focused on synthesizing new luminogenic materials with AIE characteristics, understanding their AIE mechanisms and exploring their utility as luminescent bioprobes. 

Other Major Research Areas