Quality Assurance (QA) and Outcome-Based Education (OBE) mechanisms demonstrate our continuous effort to enhance the quality of our educational programs.
It is our goal to enrich and strengthen students' educational experience, and prepare them to meet the challenges in the future by equipping them with various attributes each program aspires to achieve.
Focus on helping students to develop the knowledge, skills and personalities that will enable them to achieve the intended outcomes that have been clearly articulated;
Design curricula starting with clear definitions of the intended outcomes that students are to achieve by the end of the program;
Establish high, challenging standards of performance to encourage students to engage deeply in what they are learning;
Strive to provide expanded opportunities for all students.
Quality Assurance at HKUST
The quality of educational programs and the learning experience of students at HKUST are underpinned by systems and policies for quality assurance designed to enable and encourage a collective effort to improve the University's work and maintain academic standards - the HKUST Quality Assurance Framework (QAF).
Quality Assurance at the School of Science
The School follows a set of quality assurance mechanisms for periodic review and quality enhancement of its educational programs. This gives our Science students an all-round education that enriches the development of their appreciation on Science, ethical practice, global outlook, critical thinking and skills that are essential for lifelong learning.