Speakers: Dr. Richard KELLY & Dr. Wenjun LIU

Affiliation: Executive Editor, Royal Society of Chemistry

Hosted by: Professor Benzhong TANG



Find out about the journal publishing process from Royal Society of Chemistry Executive Editors: who the Editors are, how we select reviewers, how Editors make decisions on what is published, and much more. We will also give you tips on how to write papers to give them the best chance of being accepted, read and cited.


About the speakers

Dr. Richard Kelly carried out his undergraduate and post graduate education at University of Liverpool, UK, obtaining his PhD studying lanthanide catalysis under Professor Helen Aspinall. He joined the Royal Society of Chemistry’s editorial staff in 2004 and became Executive Editor of the RSC’s organic chemistry journals – including Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry and Natural Product Reports – in 2010. He is now Executive Editor of ChemComm, Chem Soc Rev and Faraday Discussions.

Dr. Wenjun Liu studied chemistry in Xiamen University before moving to University of Strasbourg, France, where she received her PhD degree in organic chemistry. She joined the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2013 as the Deputy Editor of Frontiers journals, based in Beijing office. She is now the Executive Editor of Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, Organic Chemistry Frontier and Materials Chemistry Frontiers.

3pm - 5pm
Room 5564, 5/F (Lifts 27/28), Academic Building, HKUST
Dr. Richard KELLY & Dr. Wenjun LIU
Executive Editor, Royal Society of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Faculty and Staff, PG Students
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