Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is a comprehensive student-oriented approach that focuses on measuring student’s performance. Intended learning outcomes are set out to clearly define what students are expected to achieve as a result of their learning experience via their participation in the learning activities and assessments.
ABC LIVE – attributes of HKUST graduates
The University has defined learning outcomes for graduates that reflect the strengths and values of HKUST. The desired attributes for our graduates are summarized as ABC for academic and LIVE for personal development, as defined below:

Academic excellence
An in-depth grasp of at least one area of specialist or professional study, based on a forward-looking and inquiry-driven curriculum
Competencies and capacity building
High-end, transferable competencies, including analytical, critical, quantitative and communications skills
International outlook
An international outlook and an appreciation of cultural diversity
Ethical standards and compassion
Respect for others, high standards of integrity, compassion and a readiness to contribute to the community
Broad-based education
Intellectual breadth, flexibility and curiosity, including an understanding of the role of rational, balanced inquiry and discussion and a grasp of basic values across the core disciplines of science, social science, engineering and the humanities
Leadership and teamwork
A capacity for leadership and teamwork, including the ability to motivate others, to be responsible and reliable and to give and take direction and constructive criticism
Vision and an orientation to the future
Adaptability and flexibility, a passion for learning, and the ability to develop clear, forward-looking goals, and self-direction and self-discipline
ABC-LIVE has served as the frame for the learning outcomes of School and Department program levels.

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