12 Jun 2019
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
Seminar on Applied Mathematics - Observability, controllability and optimal control problems
In this talk, I will introduce some works on the topics in control theory, including observability, controllability and optimal control problems, for the heat equation and the wave equation and so on.
10 Jun 2019
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
PHYS Seminar - Charges, Charge Regulations and Charge Fluctuations
6 Jun 2019
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
CHEM Seminar - Examination of Material Photo Absorption, Scattering, and Emission under New Lights
28 Feb 2019
Conference, Symposium, Forum
Knowledge Without Border Series (48th) - When Technology Meets Social Entrepreneurship - A New Era of Innovation
Founder of SOW Asia, a charitable foundation based in Hong Kong that supports social enterprises through financial investments and the accelerator program, together with the representatives from 3 rising biotechnology social enterprises, will share their insights on the challenges and opportunities
6–8 Jun 2018
Conference, Symposium, Forum
Croucher Advanced Study Institute - Frontiers in Energy Storage
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