Dean's Message
Facts and Figures
The School of Science is committed to pursuing cutting-edge research, making groundbreaking discoveries and establishing new research paradigms. Our quality and well-balanced education places particular emphasis on grit, curiosity and creativity.

We are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge and confidence to be inspirational leaders who are capable of making a difference to society. High quality education requires dedicated educators. The School of Science has recruited outstanding faculty members, many of whom have graduated from top-notch universities around the world, such as Cambridge, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA and U Penn. They are world-renowned in their research fields and have attained international stature in recognition for their scientific contributions. With strong commitment to both teaching and research, they instill in our students the importance of scientific rigor and ethics and at the same time, serve as mentors to inspire and encourage our students to achieve their full potential.

To be a premier research-intensive school through innovative education and cutting-edge research.

Through multidisciplinary education and training, we nurture students to be passionate about learning, be independent critical thinkers and thought leaders in the ever-changing global landscape.
Through excellence in research, we promote science and technology to support the sustainable economic development of society.

At the School of Science, we promote a vibrant and dynamic environment that emphasizes academic excellence, scholarship, innovation and collaboration.
Yung Hou WONG
Our People
The School consists of outstanding faculty members, many of whom are leaders in their research fields and have attained international stature in recognition of their scientific contributions. With their different backgrounds and research interest, they bring diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives to their research and teaching.
School Advisory Committee
The School Advisory Committee is comprised of a group of international external advisors who are distinguished and accomplished in their fields. It gives advices to the School on its strategic direction, program and activities.