19 Jul–8 Aug 2023
Summer Program on Quantum Technology
To offer unique opportunities for Secondary 4 to 5 students and Year 11 to 12 international school students to explore the fascinating world of quantum computing, the School of Science of HKUST gladly presents the on-campus summer program –
3 Jul–4 Aug 2023
Other Format
2023 Summer Research Program
The Summer Research Program targets for outstanding end of year 3 undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing research postgraduate study in the School of Science.
29 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
IAS / School of Science Joint Lecture - Regeneration of the Mouse and Human Vestibular System — A Balancing Act
26 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
Department of Mathematics - Seminar on PDE - Some recent results on asymptotically Poincare-Einstein manifolds
Poincar-Einstein manifolds are a class of noncompact Riemannian manifolds with a well- defined boundary at infinity. They appear as the framework of AdS/CFT correspondence in string theory and have been studied intensively.
23 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
Department of Mathematics - Seminar on Applied Mathematics - Deep Particle: learning invariant measure by a deep neural network minimizing Wasserstein distance on data generated from an interacting particle method
High dimensional partial differential equations (PDE) are challenging to compute by traditional mesh-based methods especially when their solutions have large gradients or concentrations at unknown locations.
21 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
Physics Department - Physics of Functional Protein Phase Separation in Biomolecular Condensates
16 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
Department of Chemistry Seminar - Carbon-Skeleton Rearrangement via C-C σ Bond Activation
Speaker: Professor Wei ZENG Institution: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology Hosted By: Professor Yong HUANG Abstract
15 Jun 2023
Seminar, Lecture, Talk
MAE/MATH joint seminar - Polynomial inclusions: definitions, applications, and open problems
Predictive modelling in physical science and engineering is mostly based on solving certain   partial differential equations where the complexity of solutions is dictated by the geometry of the domain.
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