Researchers from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed the world’s first all-optical neural network for deep machine learning – bringing artificial intelligence a step closer to matching human brains in tackling complex problems such as pattern recognition or risk management and at a much lower energy consumption at the speed of light.


For a long time, optical computation has been limited to linear multiplication*. With only linear multiplication, a neural network cannot be used for deep machine learning which simulates human brain functions. Deep machine learning in AI requires a multilayer neural network in which nonlinear activation functions are necessary components. Read More...  


*Linear multiplication refers to addition, subtraction and multiplication in basic Mathematics operations


Prof. DU Shengwang (middle left, seated), Prof. LIU Junwei (middle right, seated), Prof. JO Gyu-Boong (back left, standing) and their research team
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