Undergraduate FAQ
I am a JUPAS-HKDSE applicant but I am also holding other partial qualifications (such as SAT, GCEAL), will these additional qualifications allow me to get a bonus for admissions?

Other qualifications obtained by JUPAS applicants will not add any bonus points to the applicant's admissions score.

Will the University consider scores from Other Language (Category C) subjects for admissions?

Result in a Cat C subject will be used as additional supporting information. Students who have learned Chinese Language for less than six years or have been taught an adapted and simpler Chinese curriculum may use a Cat C subject or an alternative Chinese to fulfill the minimum requirement and for score calculation. The score is calculated in the best interest of the applicant.

May I use other English tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL) to fulfill the English requirement?

For JUPAS applicants, we only consider the attainment in the HKDSE English Language.

Is there any credit transfer available for HKDSE applicants?

Yes. JUPAS students with the following English attainment will be granted 6 transfer credits for English Common Core Courses:

  • 5** in HKDSE English Language

  • 5* (with no sub-score lower than 5) in HKDSE English Language

Will I get any bonus for admissions by joining HKUST programs / courses such as the HKUST Summer Institute?

For students who have performed well at the HKUST Summer Institute, their subsequent HKUST application will be favorably considered.

Are there any JUPAS interviews?

All six programs (IRE, Science (Group A), Science (Group B), SSCI-A (AI), BIBU and MAEC) will invite JUPAS applicants to attend the admissions interview. Those who put them in their Band A choices will have bigger chance for being selected. Admissions interview will be held in May 2022

If I have not been invited for an interview by HKUST, does it mean I have little or no chance of being admitted?

Interview is a must for IRE program. For Science (Group A), Science (Group B), SSCI-A (AI), BIBU and MAEC programs, please be assured that interview is not a must for admissions. Good interview performance will generally result in an additional bonus score.

I am planning to re‐take HKDSE in 2023. Do I need to re‐take all the subjects I attempted in 2022? How will my results from the two attempts be considered?

Students may choose to re-take selected subjects only. We accept combined HKDSE certificates. We will consider the best results (in each subject) in eligibility screening and in calculating admissions scores. For HKDSE results obtained four years ago or earlier, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As a repeater, should I apply through JUPAS or directly to HKUST through the Direct Admissions route in 2022?

Students with HKDSE results only should apply through JUPAS. If you have other qualifications, for example first year study in an Associate Degree/Higher Diploma, you may wish to apply directly to HKUST through the Direct Admissions Scheme. Please visit https://join.hkust.edu.hk for further information.

Are there any admissions figures in the past where I can make reference to?

In 2021 admissions exercise:







JS5101 IRE 




Science subjects / M1 / M2 


JS5102 SSCI-A 

52.5 28.5 26.5 Physics / M1 / M2  4.2
JS5103 SSCI-B 52.5 29.5 28 Biology / Chemistry 4.1
JS5181 SSCI-A (AI) 52.5 34.5 32 Physics / M1 / M2  4.8
JS5811 BIBU 59.5 43 42.5 Biology / Chemistry 5.2
JS5813 MAEC 63 47 45.5 Science subjects / Economics 5.4


In reading the information, please note that the public result attainments of the students admitted to each program vary from year to year. Moreover, we consider an applicant’s overall profile, on top of the HKDSE Score. More information can be found at https://publication.join.ust.hk/view/529439.

How can I learn more about the majors before selecting one?

We will run induction sessions on major selection after you have been admitted to the School. The School of Science has a team of advisors at the Office of Academic Advising and Support providing you with the necessary academic advice and assistance before you choose your major program.

For details on the service provided by the Office of Academic Advising and Support, please visit https://advise.science.ust.hk.

When is the earliest and latest time for me to declare my major?

Normally, the earliest time to declare a major is at the end of the 1st year and the latest time is the end of the 2nd year. For more information, please refer to Program Structure.

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