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Life Science
Life Science is a diverse and exciting field with numerous technology and practical applications spanning academia, industry, medicine and agriculture. The Division of Life Science (LIFS) offers a number of degrees at the undergraduate level, ranging from major degrees to specialized minor degrees.

The undergraduate program in the Department of Chemistry provides an excellent general training in analytical thinking and problem solving and prepares students for employment in areas of chemical science, education and technology, chemistry related business, commodity markets, or further study in graduate research.

The undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Mathematics are unique among all universities in Hong Kong. The programs aim at equipping students with the skills and foundation for a wide range of careers in both the private and public sectors such as finance, management, statistical work, system analysis and teaching.

The Department of Physics offers an undergraduate program with a flexible curriculum for students with different career aspirations. The rigorous academic training and research experience provides a strong foundation for students interested in further studies. Besides, students will develop analytical skills to meet the challenges in all sectors in society.

Ocean Science
The Department of Ocean Science offers an undergraduate program to train students with comprehensive foundational understanding of the cross-disciplinary ocean science and technology and to provide knowledge and first-hand experience in the latest scientific and technological development.

Data Analytics in Science
With the joint effort from the five Division/ Departments, the School of Science offers the undergraduate program in Data Analytics in Science. This interdisciplinary program aims to to equip students with practical mathematical and data analytical techniques which enable them to apply these techniques to a scientific area and analyze big data as a real-life example.

  • BSc in Data Analytics in Science (DASC)
Joint School Programs
To encourage interdisciplinary learning and enrich our undergraduate education, the School of Science collaborates with other Schools in offering the following joint-school programs.


Minor Programs
Students can enjoy different types of learning experiences by enrolling in various minor programs within or outside the School of Science*:

School of Science
Actuarial Mathematics
Astrophysics and Cosmology
Biological Science
Environmental Science

School of Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Big Data Technology
Environmental Sustainability and Management
Information Technology
Sustainable Energy Engineering
Technology Management

School of Business and Management

School of Humanities and Social Science
China Studies
Social Science

Interdisciplinary Programs Office

School of Science, School of Engineering and School of Business and Management

School of Business and Management and School of Humanities and Social Science
Psychological and Behavioral Science

*Availability of the above minor programs is subject to change.


For more details, please visit Program & Course Catalog.



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