Our 4-year curriculum enables students to have a broader knowledge base and more flexibility in their studies.

Our aim is to provide a diverse learning experience for students. Lectures, laboratory courses, capstone projects and language courses tailor-made for science students are integrated into the 4-year curriculum to ensure that students have a solid foundation and adequate exposure to a range of science disciplines.

About UG
Our 4-year curriculum enables students to have a broader knowledge base and more flexibility in their studies. Students can opt to declare a major in any program in the School of Science, as well as the Joint School and Interdisciplinary Programs.
UG Admissions
The School offers innovative degree programs unique to the region and gives students with particular interests the opportunity to pursue careers in research through the International Research Enrichment (IRE) program.
Academic Advising and Student Enrichment
To assist science students in pursuing their goals and developing plans to achieve them, the Office of Academic Advising and Support provides initial advice on course selection and consultation on the choice of major. Enrichment programs are also offered exclusively for Science students to exploit their potentials and enhance their personal development.

Through my study at HKUST, I’ve seen a much bigger world and grown to be a much richer person intellectually and psychologically... 

Zhien WANG, Abigail

Majoring in Chemistry is like exploring the realm beyond our sight as we get to learn the mechanisms beneath physical matter...

Studying in HKUST allows me to obtain the latest information in many research fields from experts all around the world...

Raymondo TANG

With both quantitative and analytical skills as well as business background, my major equips me well for further postgraduate study...

Siqi LI
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Science Focus
Science Focus aims to stimulate and nurture students’ interest in science and scientific research through interesting articles.