Researchers at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has uncovered a century-old mystery on marine benthos organisms, which not only leads to the finding of a non-toxic anti-fouling coating that could help the shipping industry saves fuel consumption, but also opens the gateway for future studies that could remap the marine ecosystem.


Prof. QIAN Peiyuan, Chair Professor of the Division of Life Science, won a second-class honor of the prestigious 2016 Natural Science Award from the State Council, for his discovery of biofilm’s impact on the initial colonization of marine benthos – organisms that live on or near the seabed such as corals and shells. Read More... 


Prof. QIAN demonstrates the effect of his antifouling coating. The smooth surface on the left is a result after applying the coating for 18 months, while the one on the right shows what happened after more than two years.
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