Effective STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is a major challenge in Hong Kong’s schools and institutions, which have struggled with a lack of talent, time and tools to support teaching, resulting from an exam-oriented culture and a staid system of learning.


As an advocate for STEM education, Prof. Philip SOU Iam-Keong from the Department of Physics believes that it is important for STEM education to not stay in its current “Mickey Mouse” format but leverage existing technology and highlight discoveries from the most recent research, so students can learn new knowledge. However, he also acknowledges the teachers' immense difficulty in teaching STEM subjects, as they have no time to catch up with the latest scientific and technological innovations. Read More... 


The kit, derived from Prof. SOU's accidental discovery of a novel reflected electron diffraction phenomenon, has two learning levels of the kit tailor-made for high school and university students.


As a package, students get to have hands-on experiment for testing optical alignment skills and learn the linkage between periodicity and randomness.
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