News  | 8 Jul 2024

JUPAS Admissions Tips - 2024 Expected Score & Admissions Scholarship for HKDSE holders


HKUST has released the 2024 JUPAS Admissions Expected Scores and the online score calculator for JUPAS applicants. Candidates achieving the "Expected Score" are considered competitive for 2024 Entry to specific program(s) put in Band A. The release of the expected scores and online calculator comes ahead of the release of the HKDSE results, which is scheduled for 17 Jul 2024, offering JUPAS applicants a final chance to amend their program choices.

2024 JUPAS Admissions Expected Scores


JUPAS Online Score Calculator


Admissions Scholarship for HKDSE holders

To recognize students' academic achievements, JUPAS applicants who attain 5* or 5** in any category A or M1 / M2 subjects in HKDSE will be awarded scholarships automatically. The scholarships range from HK$5,000 (one-off) to a renewable amount of HK$102,100 (full tuition exemption plus living allowance of up to HK$60,000) per annum.

Please visit the HKUST admissions website for more details.


Highlights of UG Programs – Diverse Program Choices and Research Opportunities

The School of Science offers a range of Science programs to cater to the diverse interests of students. Please follow our social media channels and stay tuned for our posts related to program introduction, sharing from students and alumni, and reminders of the result announcement of HKDSE and JUPAS.