News  | 16 Jul 2023

HKUST School of Science: Highlights of UG Programs - Diverse Science Programs Choices and Research Opportunities


The School of Science offers a range of Science programs to cater to the diverse interests of students. Science (Group A) program [JS5102] (SSCI-A) caters for students interested in the fields of physical science. On the other hand, the Science (Group B) program [JS5103] (SSCI-B) is tailor-made for students primarily interested in Chemistry and Life Science. For students interested in Ocean Science, both SSCI-A and SSCI-B are available options.

In Year 1, students will study Science Foundation courses, language courses, and/or university common core courses. Upon completion of Year 1, students can choose one of the major programs offered by the School of Science or enrol in one of the Joint School/Interdisciplinary programs.

For students who have a keen interest in both physical science and artificial intelligence, the Science (Group A) with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence program [JS5181] (SSCI-A(AI)) is a perfect option. Upon completion of the first year of study, students can opt to major in Mathematics, Physics, or Ocean Science and Technology with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to its diverse Science program options, the International Research Enrichment (IRE) program [JS5101] offers outstanding science students ample opportunities to nurture their research abilities beyond regular science programs. IRE students receive exceptional mentorship from world leading HKUST faculty members. They also benefit from early engagement in original research projects, and guaranteed research internships in renowned universities overseas.

SSCI Alumni Sharing:

Miss Wing LAU
BSc in Physics, Class of 2020


Miss Peony WONG
BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Class of 2021


IRE Alumni Sharing:


Mr. William YAM
BSc in Physics (International Research Enrichment Track), with an additional major in Mathematics, Class of 2020


Miss Kit KAN
BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (International Research Enrichment Track), Class of 2021


Our IRE graduates present you with the Virtual Laboratory Tours to the research facilities at the HKUST.

Physics Laboratory

Life Science Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory