News  | 17 Jul 2023

Diverse Curriculum in Joint School Programs: BSc in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) and BSc in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC)


To encourage interdisciplinary learning and enrich our undergraduate education, the School of Science collaborates with other Schools in offering joint-school programs. The BSc in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) [JS5811] and the BSc in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) [JS5813] are jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management at the HKUST.

The BIBU program aims at grooming students with interests in both biotechnology applications and business operations. It offers students a broad-based learning curriculum that encompasses life science as well as business know-how, including accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management.
It also enhances students’ creative and critical thinking abilities while helping them develop a global outlook on biotechnology development and applications, thereby laying a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to develop, manage, and market biotechnology initiatives.

The MAEC program provides students with solid training in both mathematics and economics, with an emphasis on the synergy of both disciplines. This interdisciplinary degree program is suitable for students who seek the option of taking a quantitatively oriented job in the finance industry or who intend to pursue postgraduate study in applied mathematics, economics, business or related areas such as operations research or management science.

Students in both Joint School Programs will receive specialized training from world-class faculty members at HKUST and will benefit from exposure to diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. They will also gain a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring a unique skillset that combines multiple disciplines.

BIBU Alumnus Sharing:

Miss Dana KIM
BSc in Biotechnology and Business, Class of 2022

MAEC Alumnus Sharing:

Mr. Luca LEE
BSc in Mathematics and Economics, Class of 2020