RPG Student Housing
General RPG Housing Policy of the University
  • Only full-time full fee paying registered HKUST research postgraduate students are eligible for student accommodation offered by the University.


  • Students in the following categories are not eligible for student accommodation:
  1. Termination of study
  2. Program completion
  3. Leave from study
  4. RPgs with “Continuing Student” Status@
  5. RPgs with “Off-Campus Study” Status
  6. Finishing RPgs with "Retention of Student" Status+


@Students may refer to the Academic Registry website for more information

+Those who have applied for retention of student status, with four weeks of non-fee-paying period, for taking their thesis examinations


  • Priority in Bed Spaces Allocation
  1. RPgs in their first 2 years of RPg careers in HKUST* (guaranteed residence)
  2. In-time RPgs^
  3. Out-time RPgs#


*Years of study in students’ HKUST RPg career, including MPhil and PhD, is cumulative under the housing admission policy (e.g. a 1st year PhD student who have completed a 2-year MPhil program in HKUST will not be guaranteed residence); no guaranteed residence is provided for students in HKUST-SUSTech, HKUST-SZBL, HKUST-GML, and HKUST & SML-Zhuhai Joint PhD Programs.


^Definition of in-time RPgs:
   2 years for MPhil;
   3 years for PhDs who have obtained a relevant MPhil degree prior to entering the PhD program;
   4 years for PhDs who do not have a relevant MPhil degree prior to entering the PhD program

#Out-time RPgs are students studying beyond the period as defined as “In-time RPgs”


  • Students are required to submit an on-line application during the application period if they wish to be considered for university-arranged accommodation in the residential year.
Off-Campus Housing

The Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO) also provides general assistance for HKUST students who are looking for off-campus accommodation.

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