TPG Programs
Our taught postgraduate programs emphasize the linkage of scientific professionalism with real-world problems. The programs are designed to provide students with intensive training on professional careers and enhance students’ competitiveness in job markets. We actively maintain strong networks with industries, offering our students an advantageous position in the markets.
Master of Science (MSc)
The School of Science offers the following programs for taught postgraduate:
Joint School Program
Analytical Chemistry
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Analytical Chemistry aims to prepare BSc graduates for employment and a career in analytical laboratories, ranging from materials and forensic testing to environmental sampling and food quality control.
Joint School Program
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Biotechnology is designed to provide rigorous training to students for professional careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Since its inception in 1993, the program has been widely recognized by professional practitioners in the relevant fields as a premier academic program.
Joint School Program
Financial Mathematics
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Financial Mathematics focuses on preparing undergraduate students from quantitative disciplines, such as mathematics, statistics and computing, to be professionals in contemporary finance and wealth management.
Joint School Program
Mathematics for Educators
The aim of the Master of Science (MSc) program in Mathematics for Educators is to enrich a mathematics educator’s knowledge of mathematics. It will particularly benefit teachers in secondary schools and tutorial educational institutions. The degree is meant to allow these teachers to enhance their mathematical knowledge and teaching skills with the dual benefit of: (i) Career advancement facilitation of the individual, and (ii) Better teachers for society.
Joint School Program
Environmental Health and Safety
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Environmental Health and Safety is designed to provide multi-disciplinary training to current and prospective environmental professionals. The curriculum underpins environmental health practices, food safety, hazards and risks assessment and occupational health and safety.
Joint School Program
Global Marine Resources Management
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Global Marine Resources Management is jointly offered by the Department of Ocean Science of HKUST and the School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton. The program equips students with cross-disciplinary knowledge and international experiences to tackle emerging issues in the sustainable utilization of marine resources.
Joint School Program
Data-Driven Modeling
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Data-Driven Modeling is jointly offered by the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics. The program aims at training students with some science or engineering background who would like to prepare themselves for careers that require modeling skills based on information extracted from data.
Joint School Program
Big Data Technology
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Big Data Technology is jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Mathematics. The program integrates a variety of disciplines to allow students to learn all the important facets of big data and how it is used in the real world.
Joint School Program
Financial Technology
The Master of Science (MSc) program in Financial Technology is jointly offered by the School of Business and Management, the School of Engineering and the School of Science. The program provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills relating to popular financial technologies and their engineering and financial principles, thereby enhancing students’ market competitiveness.
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