Biotechnology and Business Program

The Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) program is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management of HKUST. It aims to nurture students with a hybrid interest in both biotechnology applications and business operations. It offers students a broad-based learning experience that encompasses essential life science and biotechnology knowledge, as well as complementary business know-how, including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management, etc. It also further enhances students’ creative and critical thinking abilities, while helping them develop a global outlook on biotechnology development and applications. Thereby laying a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to develop, manage and market biotechnology initiatives.


The goal of the program is to nurture competent students to become industry professionals who possess both technical knowledge and a business mind. Ideal candidates will be students who are technically competent, interested in biotechnology applications, as well as eager to develop a managerial or leadership career in the biotechnology or life science-related industries.


Students can apply for the BIBU program through the direct choice in HKUST, or apply for a transfer from the regular Science (Group B) program of the School of Science or any Business School programs of the School of Business and Management into BIBU program after their first year of study. Students interested in BIBU are encouraged to include both the Science (Group B) program and the Business and Management program in their program choices.


Career Prospects:
The holistic BIBU experience prepares students to excel in any career path they aspire to. This program offers rigorous training in both biotechnology and business, which is designed to prepare students for successful leadership positions within the biotechnology industry. Potential employers include multinational pharmaceutical companies, vendors of biotechnology products/ services, consulting firms focusing on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries etc. And a wide range of career opportunities are available in both private and public sectors.

Undergraduate Admissions for 2021 Intake
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