Mathematics and Economics Program

The Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) program is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management of HKUST. The program provides students with solid training in the fundamental theories of both mathematics and economics. The curriculum equips students with quantitative reasoning skills, conceptual understanding and the ability to effectively communicate in mathematics and in the language of economics and social sciences. This interdisciplinary degree is suited to students who seek the option of taking a quantitatively oriented job in the finance industry or who intend to pursue postgraduate study in applied mathematics, economics, business or related areas, such as operations research or management science.


The complexity and technical aspects of contemporary economic problems exhibit strong synergy between mathematics and economics. The program offers an advantage to students who would otherwise major in mathematics or economics alone. We aim to provide sequences of advanced mathematics and economics courses that equip students with a strong quantitative background in economics and related areas in management and finance. Thus preparing them for a successful career in the banking and finance industry or further studies in graduate school.


Students can apply for the MAEC program through a direct choice in HKUST, or apply for a transfer into MAEC from the Science (Group A) program or any Business School programs at HKUST, after their first year of study. Students interested in the MAEC program are encouraged to include the Science (Group A) program or a Business and Management program in their program choices of the application.


Career Prospects:
Career opportunities in the banking and finance industry in Hong Kong are promising for those who are capable of applying mathematical tools to understand the financial markets and make economic forecasts. Graduates with an interdisciplinary degree are increasingly valued and needed in the job market. They tend to have more diverse career options than those majoring in Mathematics or Economics alone. A number of MAEC alumni have joined top-ranked financial institutions and multinational firms. Our MAEC graduates are equipped with sufficient backgrounds for entry into advanced/professional degree programs in economics, financial mathematics, statistics and other business-related fields. Recent graduates have been admitted into PhD/Master's programs at leading universities throughout the world.

Undergraduate Admissions for 2021 Intake
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