Science (Group A) with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence Program

Science (Group A) with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence is a new program offered by the School of Science starting from the 2021/22 academic year. The program is designed for science students who want to learn solid knowledge in Science disciplines PLUS innovative applications of AI in their major areas. 


The world is changing fast; artificial intelligence (AI) has come to define society today in ways we never anticipated. Examples include robotics, autonomous vehicles, intelligent sensors and complicated data analysis. The knowledge of AI can be a very good supplement to science subjects, which requires strong mathematical sense and relevant tools to achieve synergy. The other way round, scientific background can help build better AI in different subject areas. Understanding the key trends will allow people and businesses to prepare and grasp the opportunities, companies and individuals that do not keep up with some of the major tech trends run the risk of being left behind. To promptly equip our students for this challenge, the pioneering “SSCI-A (AI)” program is designed as an extended major to enrich major study in three relevant science subjects (Mathematics/Physics/Ocean Science and Technology) with cross-disciplinary AI technology applications.


One important feature of the SSCI-A (AI) program is that students need not invest four years to study an emerging technology area when no one can guarantee whether it can thrive after four years. Flexibly, SSCI-A (AI) students can learn the best of AI when it is in the climax of development. 


SSCI-A (AI) students are guaranteed the study of AI at the time of admissions. The curriculum is cross-disciplinary and practical. They will learn solid knowledge in one of the three relevant major science subjects PLUS innovative application of AI in their major areas. In addition, students will gain cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills and professional insights through a Design Thinking course and Professional Seminars in AI. The Capstone Project+, with strong AI components and sponsorship from industry, enables students to practice AI applications on real world problems. Students should expect to take approximately one additional course per term throughout four years.


Upon satisfactory completion, students will earn one of the following awards:

  • BSc in Mathematics with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence

  • BSc in Physics with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence

  • BSc in Ocean Science and Technology with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence


Career Prospects:  

The knowledge of AI, together with cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills, will provide students with an additional competitive edge in the job market. These students are more self-motivated and open-minded learners and these attributes are essential and appreciated by most employers. 


Students will enjoy career opportunities relevant to their majors PLUS opportunities from new industry and business developed from AI. Careers include Machine Learning Modellers / Consultants, AI Associates in Banks, Deep Learning Scientists, Data Analysts, AI Algorithm Engineers and Environmental Consultants etc.


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