Science (Group A) Program

Science (Group A) program is a School-based program for students who are interested in the fields of Physical Science. This program is designed to suit students from diverse educational backgrounds and to cater for the needs and aspirations of individual students. It provides an invaluable opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves, before they decide on their majors.  


Under School-based admissions, students admitted into the Science (Group A) program upon completion of the first year of study will enroll into one of the following degree programs:


Major Programs:

  • BSc in Data Analytics in Science (DASC)
  • BSc in Data Science and Technology (DSCT)
  • BSc in Mathematics (MATH)
  • BSc in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC)
  • BSc in Ocean Science and Technology (OST)
  • BSc in Physics (PHYS)
  • BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI)


At the end of the first year of studies, students admitted from the Science (Group A) program can also apply for a transfer into the International Research Enrichment (IRE) program, Science (Group A) with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence, or opt for Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) program or Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) program.

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